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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a very good tuesday morning to you. let's take a peek outside overlooking downtown san jose this morning. wow. cooling trend coming our way. pretty hot yesterday. i'll fan you. >> two degrees cooler. >> good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm marcus washington. thanks for joining us this morning. a great day to get out and cool off any way you can. >> it is still going to be really hot. we don't have the excessive heat warnings and advisories today but we are still looking at some 90s across much of the bay area. as we start out this morning here is a look at our high temperatures for the south bay. san jose up to 87 degrees and in morgan hill 93 degrees.
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also in los gatos. oakland, 75. and 78 degrees in san mateo. san francisco up to 70 in the mission district and the north bay, napa, 90 degrees. we'll talk more about these temperatures coming up. mike is tracking down an issue on the peninsula. >> this is not in the chp log but there's something going on. we have crews just off the dumbarton bridge. eastbound 84 getting over away from the peninsula and to the dumbarton bridge. a partial closure at university. again, there's at least partial blockage. there may be a full closure. we're double-checking with chp and palo alto police. so far the speed sensors aren't showing a lot of activity but, again, that could be potentially important.
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back to you. thank you very much, mike. a story that continues to develop. president trump and the first lady will visit texas to survey and respond to harvey. the death toll at least at three but there's still dozens missing. we're showing you these pictures because that includes a family of six swept away in their van. the "today" show showed photos of the family within the last few minutes. relatives say they believe the four children and their great-grandparents were killed. their bodies have not been recovered. here is more news from harvey overnight. both of houston's international airport still shut down. also officials started releasing overflow reservoirs which could increase the amount of flooding in some subdivisions. and houston's convention center has exceeded capacity, over 7,000 evacuees are inside. fema estimates 30,000 people will need shelter.
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about 450,000 will likely file for disaster aid. >> meanwhile, a task force that includes bay area firefighters arrived in texas overnight and so did national guard service members. >> the rescue ring will join teams from across the country to help with the rescues. >> reporter: relentless rain surrounding houston. nearly three feet has fallen now in some areas. >> we just didn't know we were going to get this bad. >> reporter: there's concern it's going to get worse. resources have already been stretched to their limits, response teams deployed across the city pulled more than 2,000 to safety working from the air and on the water. hundreds of volunteers using their own boats in neighborhoods swallowed by floodwaters, some going door-to-door. >> i'm not staying. i want to leave now but we didn't know how to get out. >> they are heroes to me. we were stuck and they came. >> reporter: tens of thousands are filling shelters.
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the national guard stepping in to help rescuing people like this mother carrying her baby. the air national guard's 129th rescue win in the bay area heeding the call sending 90 citizen airmen to texas. >> we're familiar with the terrain. we've been out to texas before for hurricane response. >> reporter: swift water rescue teams are already there, hx that will help lift people from stranded home on their way to save lives. >> however big or small the rescue operation is that we conduct, we bring the same level of excellence to the table. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. and we will have continuing coverage on tropical storm harvey throughout the morning. nbc news has dozens of people on the ground right now in texas gathering stories. damian trujillo just arrived in houston. 5:34. new this morning a crazy series of events that leads to a car
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slamming into a south bay apartment. that suspect is in custody. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been tracking this story overnight. she's at the scene in san jose to tell us what led up to all of this. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. you can't see the damage to the apartment building. it's deep in the complex. we'll let them sleep because they had a very busy night. san jose police say this started with a drive-by shooting in a different location and the suspect was caught because he tried to drive by once again. now this was the scene as it ended last night with that driver crashing into an apartment building off colonial, off winchester boulevard. officers cuffed the driver at the hands and at the feet as well and asked him if he was under the influence there at the scene. we didn't get an answer about that, but police say that it started at another scene nearby where people called 911 reporting that someone shot at them as they were gathered there. sergeant jessica welker says as officers were interviewing
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witnesses that suspect drove by again. >> when officers responded and started interviewing witnesses the suspect vehicle happened to drive by. the officers followed. there was a short pursuit which terminated into the apartment behind me and the subject was taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: without incident but perhaps not without injury. the impact was enough to send that guy to the hospital. once doctors clear him he will be booked into the santa clara county jail. several people here will likely be dealing with their insurance companies this morning because that suspect also hit several parked cars in addition to that apartment building. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a pretty active night. >> thank you. and coming up, drivers in contra costa county are looking forward to new express lanes, when the lanes will reopen to traffic. and live pictures this morning from dublin.
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things are cooling down just a bit in the bay area but it's still going to be hot in the tri-valley. kari hall will have more on the forecast coming up in about ten minutes.
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good morning. i'm landon dowdy live from cnbc headquarters. today's top business headlines. wall street could start the day sharply lower in reaction to south korea's missile launch.
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asia closed in the red overnight. europe markets are at six-month lows today. the u.s. dollar is at a four-month low against the japanese yen which tends to gain during times of geopolitical or financial stress. stocks closed mixed, the dow falling. the nasdaq rising 17 to 6283. the insurance industry is struggling to access the damage from hurricane harvey. jpmorgan says the best guest estimate is $10 billion to $20 billion in insurance losses. thousands of victims whose homes are damaged or destroyed could lack adequate coverage. flooding is typically excluded from homeowner policies, cause more damage than winds. only about 269,000 properties in the houston area are officially in designated flood zones requiring them to have coverage if the property has a government-backed mortgage. uber is removing a heavily criticized feature from its app
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that allowed it to track riders for up to five minutes after a trip as part of the efforts to fix its poor reputation for customer privacy. reports say uber is expected to announce the change today. mark and laura, back over to you. >> thank you so much for that. 4:41 right now. it looks like the express lanes on interstate 680 in contra costa county hitting roadblocks. the opening date has been delayed. we're checking in with transportation authorities. they tell us they are expected to open but still trying to work out technical issues. we're being told the lanes will now open in early october. and coming up, a slight cooldown trend, but will you even notice it? kari? it's still going to be hot as we check out what will happen in our micro climate forecast. the need for more air conditioning as we get a look at where we begin at least it will be cool to start.
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the morning time your best time to get out there. we'll be hitting 90 today at 2:00. so we'll talk about what's ahead coming up next. and straight ahead -- what to do with those old bay bridge and we are looking at the san mateo bridge. a smooth, easy drive. i am still tracking the peninsula side of the dumbarton bridge and maybe something getting out of san francisco. and straight ahead, what to do with those old bay bridge foundation piers. crews have been blowing them up but there are calls to save some of them. we'll tell you why up next. who are these people?
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growing equipment may have started a fire that damaged part of a home early this firefighters say marijuana growing equipment may have started a fire that damaged part of a home early in the east bay. it started before 3:00 a.m. on samuel street in sunol. the only person in the homemade it out safely. authorities are still not sure if the marijuana grow was an illegal operation. no charges have been filed. to the eastern span of the bay bridge this morning. today bridge officials will consider saving some of the foundation piers from the old span. you may recall crews have been demolishing the spears since 2015. here is video of one of those explosions. those leftover foundations could be used to create public spaces. officials are looking at saving one near treasure island and four near oakland.
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as we get on with the day looking at the weather ahead, yesterday was a hot one. a cooldown. i don't know if it was a cooldown. >> kind of. >> in some parts of the bay area we were hitting 110 degrees yesterday. >> it was hot. >> you bring it down to the upper 90s i think it's going to make a little bit of a difference. it's still going to be hot today. and as we start out this morning get ready to head out the door in livermore. 60 in napa and 55 right now in santa rosa. as we look at the seven-day forecast, it's coming up at the bottom of the screen. you will see we will have some more high heat ahead over the next several days. 90 in napa. san jose, 87 degrees. so that is going to feel better than where we were yesterday. as we look out the window it's a good day to start out with some
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short sleeves and most likely shorts once again. some sandals, something to help keep you cool. that's been the struggle the past few days and will be the struggle over the next several days. as we get a look at what to expect one of the places it will be really hot if you have plans like going golfing, going to the park, going for a run, your best time is before noon and that's when we feel hotter temperatures. it does ramp up quickly from 83 at noon to 93 at 2:00 and then we'll go up a few more degrees from there. we've been keeping you up to date on what's happening along the gulf coast, what's happening with tropical storm harvey, and now we are still seeing that rain continuing to come down and it has spread out across much of southern louisiana into mississippi, so we are seeing a wider swath of some very heavy rainfall and actually the center of tropical storm harvey is still over the gulf. this will be moving back inland near lake charles as we go into the next couple of days and
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continuing to move off towards the north and still the potential of flooding. we'll have more updates here on that. looking at san francisco over the next several days we are going to keep those temperatures on the warm side. look at friday. up to 80 degrees there. we could see some hotter temperatures in the middle of the city while the inland areas are going to have to deal with another wave of some dangerous heat starting on thursday, continuing into friday and also into the first part of next week. and, mike, you're still tracking something near the dumbarton bridge? >> i am, kari. we're still trying to get details. i can at least put the warning out to folks. speed sensors look great around the bay. only minor slowing out of the altamo altamont. getting over past university the slowing we saw in various parts popping up has cleared, but we still hear about police activity that ended right there on eastbound 84 and university getting over toward the dumbarton bridge just east of the facebook campus.
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just be careful for the activity. there may be traffic control and we'll try to find out what's going on on the peninsula side of the dumbarton bridge. transit flow is doing great either across the bridges or under the water like b.a.r.t. does. probably 30 trains by now. let's look at the waze reports as well. there is one issue popping up here getting out of san francisco. i saw sudden flowing. behind me you see waze is at a complete stand still. just a couple miles an hour out of the city right now on eastbound 80. check your waze map and make sure you have that as your profile -- your team on your profile. i'll check it out but you just need to know about it. i'll do the homework and you just plan your route through waze. back to you. and happening today two suspects accused of robbing and killing a man at twin peaks will be in court today. mims and fantasy decuir.
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mims was released from jail five days before the killing. the program that releases low-risk inmates as they await trial. >> carmela harris will be meeting with mayors to discuss jobs, immigration and infrastructure. tomorrow the senator will be in oakland to host a town hall meeting. a task force in southern california is looking into the discovery of a border tunnel. instead of drugs customs agents say it may have funneled chinese nationals into the united states. that tunnel was discovered near san diego while chasing a group of migrants. migrants tried to run back to it in order to reach mexican soil. agents say chinese nationals may have paid up to $20,000 to gain access to that tunnel. 30 are being detained in connection to that bust.
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voters in san lee aandro scl district passed measure b from $39 to $78 and extends the tax 14 more years. it will be used to attract and retain teachers. property owners 65 and older can ask for an exemption. today a brand-new home care facility opens. congresswoman nancy pelosi will help open the health right center in the mission. the 50,000-foot facility will provide medical and mental health care. right now health right 360 already has several locations in the bay area and throughout california. we looked up just how many people in the center and how it has helped people in san francisco. last year 6,300 people received medical treatment. nearly 2,000 received mental health services. more than 300 people were given a bed to sleep in every night.
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and more than 100 people found jobs thanks to that center. coming up, one resort in lake tahoe fishing for more tourists. the country seeing a new boom in new fishermen. first, happening now, a search for a missing couple in joshua tree is intensifying. they have been missing since the end of july. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to their return. and the anti-whaling group sea shepard will not chase japanese whalers. they would protest and harass japanese whalers. the captain of the ship "sea shepard" says technology prevents them from tracking.
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a very good tuesday morning to you taking a peek outside this morning. a look at the san mateo bridge. probably the coolest part of your day is right now if you want to get up and get out for a good hike this morning or a run. the temperatures are going to be soaring again. a little cooler. but we'll check the full forecast with kari coming up. 4:55 right now. the search continues for the driver of a car that struck and killed a uc berkeley's chief attorney. he was killed in a hit-and-run bike crash sunday in sonoma county. the car that hit him left its license plate. patti had pulled on to the shoulder of the river road when the driver lost control on a curve and hit him. chris patti is survived by a wife and two sons. and a follow-up now on the judge aaron persky recall. the judge has given the recall petition drive the green light
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to move forward. persky tried to stop it with a lawsuit saying the state not the county should oversee the recall. state officials disagree. efforts to recall persky began after he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman. at 4:56 right now, happening today should the city of santa rosa divide into districts when it comes to electing city officials. the city is accused of violating the voting rights act. a law firm alleges the city's current at-large system does not pick councilmembers based on districts. that, in turn, drowns out the voices of minority communities especially in the city's latino population. santa rosa isn't the only bay area city facing this problem. we go deeper into the issue overnight. the city of santa clara has been sued by a japanese resident claiming the city's at-large voting block asian voters. the dublin unified school
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district has been warned to change voting practices electing school board trustees or face a lawsuit. san mateo county switched after it was sued by minority groups. a popular lake tahoe ski resort is looking eastward to attract more visitors. when i say east, i mean far east. >> exactly. the squaw valley ownership group has entered into a new partnership with a leading outdoor retailer in china. the goal is to attract chinese skiers and snowboarders. they say number of skiers have grown from 200,000 to more than 12 million in 15 years. coming up a look at the forecast. >> oh, yeah. another hot one, kari. >> it will be a little bit better today as we get a live look outside in fremont, let's check out the temperature trend there. we will be in the 60s to start and throughout the noontime hour we'll still feel some comfortable weather but then it does start to warm up into the mid-80s there today. we'll take a look ahead at some
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of the hot spots around the bay area up next. and this definitely hot spot. even right now a backup because not all of the cash lanes on the right are open. that's not unusual. there was big slowing on the other side of the bay bridge. i'll tell you what was going on and why it happened. plus, a car slammed into a south bay apartment complex. now that driver is in custody. what led up to that crash coming up. ♪
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good tuesday morning to you. a live look at san francisco, probably one of the more cooler spots around the bay today as we face another hot one around the area. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. summer really hanging on around here, kari. we are dealing with high heat. we just had it yesterday. it comes down a couple degrees. it goes right back up so get ready for that. as we start out this morning in the low 60s, a mostly clear morning on the right side of the screen, 61 there. 55 in the north bay. and looking at the high temperatures today at least we don't have a lot of 100s on here but it's still going to be hot with some 90s for the inland valleys. we'll talk more about this. mike found out why the bay bridge was jammed. >> that's right. like why did the chicken cross


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